Do you need a little boost for your creativity?

Do you need to turn your brain OFF for a little while?

Maybe you need a little inspiration to get into a creative project? NO PRESSURE! Only fun! Join us for the FREE #12daysofcolor creative challenge. 


What is it?

#12daysofcolor is a coloring challenge meant to jumpstart your creativity. 

Many of us face a barrier when we want to express ourselves or get started on a creative venture: 


Which project? Which medium? Where to start?

The dreaded blank page.

There are too many decisions to make before we ACTUALLY get started. It’s exhuasting even thinking about it, when life is so crazy. But this is exactly the time we need enter into a creative flow!

Coloring makes people feel, “calmer, mentally clearer, happier, and more relaxed. This is not surprising when you consider that all arts and crafts hobbies have the power to focus the brain similarly to meditation.”

Not only that, but coloring can act as a kind of creative warm up to other creative and artistic activities!

Creativity is actually stimuled by constraints. And that is what the #12daysofcolor is all about. Each day you will recieve a color pallete–colors that look great together. You can either choose from the free coloring pages I will send you or you can work from your own favorite coloring book if you prefer.

Color your page for #day1 with #day1 colors. Enjoy a little relaxation and mindfulness!

Then post your work and see the work of others by using the hashtag #12daysofcolor  and #day1. You can also browse the vastly different creations we made, all using the same color combination.

This is going to be so fun!

Click below to grab your free creativity boost!

#12daysofcolor Coloring and Creative Challenge

Free program: 12 days of color, inspiration, flow and creativity!


What is it exactly? What do I do?

After you sign up for the challenge, you will get the #12daysofcolor color inspirations in your inbox. Then you will follow the instructions below.

Along with each daily email, I will be posting a few videos on color theory, how to choose amazing color combinations on your own, and I will be talking about a few different tools and media-from pencils to watercolors.